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All of the 24 hour locksmith services can be done at your location in the entire city of Carlsbad CA and also anyone needing our services in these zip codes:

  • 92008
  • 92009
  • 92010
  • 92011
  • 92013
  • 92018

Locksmiths Carlsbad CA has been serving the entire city of Carlsbad CA for a long time now. And we are very proud to be a part of the Carlsbad CA community. As our offices are located in Carlsbad CA and most all of our locksmiths live and obviously work from here too.

When you need or want locksmith services give us a call so we can help you right away.

We are able to answer you anytime day or night since we're open 24/7/365, and we provide our 24 hour locksmith services based from our offices located at:

6888 Embarcadero Ln #108
Carlsbad, CA 92011

You are welcomed to call us anytime day or night to request any type of locksmith services, and this phone line is answered 24/7/365 too:


Another way to reach our 24 hour locksmith services team is to fill out the form below. That will send us an email with the information you entered. And we will be able to answer to you directly. Let us know on the message if you have a preference as to how you want us to respond (ie. email or phone).